London to Melbourne

Well, gang, I made it back from the land of Oz… surprisingly. Thought about giving it all up to just lay around like a koala but alas, had to come back to the real world (work, bills, blah, blah, blah). So many stories and pics to upload and post all about – work is delaying this (typical) – but I will get there, promise.

I shall start as all stories do, at the beginning. Saturday morning flight from London to Dubai to Melbourne where I arrived at 10pm on Sunday night… I was feeling pretty rough but the good news is, two of my besties were waiting for me at the hotel which was more than enough motivation to keep me going. I walked through the door of our hotel room to squealing and jumping and hugging…. love these girls to the moon and was so so so happy to be reunited with them. I dropped my bags, washed my face and off we went to find some late night food in Melbourne.

Late night Chinese at the Supper Inn in Melbourne

After a much-welcome, girly catch-up with these two beauties, we wandered the streets of Melbourne back to our hotel to get some sleep before our Phillip Island adventure the next day.

babes on the bus

Our first stop was the Moonlit Animal Sanctuary outside of Melbourne. This was one of the first activities down under and it was the most insanely Australian thing that could have been done within 24 hours of landing. Koalas, wombats and kangaroos – oh my!

I should have been born a koala – such a snugglepuss
Feeding cute little wallabies
nom nom nom
Waltzing Matilda
Lizzy got lots of loving
He wanted to hold my hand!
Kangaroo kisses
Menage a trois….
oh what a diva
pouty little minx
couldn’t even take the attention
The diva and her groupies.

Our next stop was the Churchill Island Heritage Farm, where we watched whip crackin’, a sheep shearing and sheep dogging all in one go…

Nothin’ like a little sheepdoggin’
Shear that sheep

Next up was the Koala Conservation Centre where koalas are all over the place just chilling and eating and lazing around… so cool to see them up close and personal.

koala sanctuary
lucy in the sky

We then went to the Nobbies – which is right by Australia’s largest fur seal colony… unfortunately we didn’t see any seals but we did see lots of birds and some pretty spectacular views.

The Nobbies
Group selfie
From another angle now
Divine views
The colors, the ocean, the wonder!

Our final stop of the day was at the Penguin Parade. Now, before you say it, I will… it sounds ridiculouslyΒ touristy and lame… but it was incredible. At night fall, hundreds of penguins come in from the ocean and make their way inland for the night… the boardwalks along their footpaths means that you are inches from the groups of waddling penguins making their way from the beach towards their homes in the hills. We weren’t allowed to take any pictures (obvi, I snapped a few but it was so dark that it is hard to see anything) but we did get some pretty kitschy shots beforehand with the fake penguin.

Going on a penguin hunt
The only penguin we were allowed to photograph at the penguin parade πŸ™

It was an incredible first day down under – I felt like I had ticked all of my Australia boxes and could turn right around and get back on the plane but luckily I didn’t – still had 20 more days to go!

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