Finally, the big day was upon us and what an incredible day it was. The most beautiful bride, the greatest groom and a whole lot of family and friends to celebrate.

We spent part of the afternoon with the bride as she got all hair and make-up’ed. Then we ran over, threw on our finest dresses and shoes, took a few selfies and made it to the bus only 20  minutes after it was scheduled to leave the hotel!

Pale pink poses with Absolute cocktails 

The ceremony and the reception were both held at Cascade Brewery which just so happens to be Australia’s oldest, operating brewery – it was a stunning venue.


Group pic waiting for the ceremony to start
The bride walking to meet her groom
The shortest and sweetest ceremony of all time
IMG_2143 (2)
My Paris Crew minus our #6 (she’s #1 in our book)
Blonde, Bride, Brewery
Can’t get enough of this girl
A quick pic in the garden before nightfall
Beer pouring competition
Bride v Groom and a Tasmanian Tiger
End of the night – #BeardBrideBrews2016

It was such an amazing wedding – the couple was over the moon, the guests had a fantastic time, the speeches were both hilarious and tear-jerking, the beer was on point, the music was excellent (don’t… stop… believing…), the gardens were gorgeous…. it was the perfect day and the most perfect excuse to travel across the world.

To the happy couple – thank you, thank you, thank you – love you crazy kids to the moon and back. Take good care of each other.

Whatcha thinking sunshine?

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