The Final Days – Byron Bay

My last few days in Australia were spent solo in Byron Bay. I was sad to say goodbye to my lovely ladies in Sydney but embraced my time alone… long walks on the beach, an excellent book to read, cheese boards and glasses of local Sauvignon Blanc, sunshine, solitude… sometimes you just need a few days in a beautiful place to clear your mind… and I did.


Sunset stroll on the beach at Byron Bay


Local cider and a cheese/meat board


The girl with all the gifts


Surfer watching paradise


Hot dogs or legs


Blue skies, beautiful water


Walking up to the most easterly point of Australia


Views of the beaches


Surf’s up


Stunning views


That water… to die for


Thought about giving it all up and getting a waitressing job in this sleepy little beach town


Spent my days walking the beaches


And eating and drinking… 

And just like that, my few days flew by and I was on a bus to Brisbane, ready for my 235am flight from Brisbane to Singapore to Dubai to London… yes, that is a grand total of 35 hours of travel to get back to London. I managed to get some of my energy out by climbing around the Brisbane airport like a child… and enlisting the help of accomplices (I literally have no shame…).


And when I found this in the Brisbane airport at 1am…

IMG_3036 (2)

I enlisted local help for my photoshoot.


Dubai from the skies.

I got home to London at 9pm on a Sunday night, caught up with one of my besties who was staying at my house (and who made me a home-cooked meal and left me an amazing welcome home prezzie), called my grammie-pie and then went to bed before getting up and heading back to work after a glorious three weeks off!


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