Glow, flow and moving on up…

Two weeks have passed since our girly weekend in the South of France and I’ve already got cabin fever. Where am I off to next? What exciting things are coming up soon? How can I distract myself from work and have fun things to blog about? *starts digging through bank statements, US tax papers, the budget, etc and EEEEEEEEK*

I realised that I was spending almost half of my income on housing (rent plus utilities) for the luxury of living alone (which very few people do in London…. for oneΒ good reason… the cash money). I have been living all by myself for seven months now and it has resulted in a mass hemorrhage of money from my account. While it’s been great, and I love my current flat, it is not the smartest financial decision I have ever made. So in an attempt to attain fiscal responsibility by the end of this year (cutting down my student and credit card debt, start saving and keep a clear budget), I have made a decision to leave my lovely Wimbledon abode.

Adieu beautiful Wimbledon.

I made a fairly quick decision after mulling it over for a couple of days – sent my notice to my landlord last Friday, found a place on Sunday and now move out in two weeks’ time. My new flatmate is a doll, the apartment is spacious, bright and a lot closer to work, and my rent and bills will be halved. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

I have fourteen days to sell all my furniture, pack up my life into suitcases and boxes (once again) and get organised for the move. But, as you can imagine, this is not my first rodeo. This is my 11th move in the past decade… in the last ten years I have moved from DC to Paris to London. Lived in six places in Paris in six years and I am moving into my fourth place in London. I am good at purging all of the unnecessary papers/books/furniture/clothes/shoes and I am looking forward to doing it again this weekend. A true spring cleaning.


In my continuedΒ attempt to achieve some of my year-long objectives, Β I have signed up for Blue Cow Yoga‘s Glow and Flow membership. As you may remember, I have long been a fan of Blue Cow Yoga (see here and here) and it has only gotten better. I am now glowing and flowing with an unlimited membership to all of their amazing yoga and barre classes. It has been ten daysΒ and I have made it to eight classes – which feels like a major success. My goal is to go to a class four times a week, five being the ultimate goal but work sometimes gets in the way of that. The barre classes are brutal but definitely take care of business… and the yoga classes are a perfect way to spend 45 minutes at lunch or an hour after work, zoning out, forgetting about all the drama of the day.

Blue Cow Yoga – Awesome-sauce


Ok, so finances are getting in shape, body is getting in shape… what else is there? Working on my friendships… working on my relationships (or whatever they are… insert sigh of exasperation for modern dating)… working on being better at work. Spring has sprung and I’m getting myself in better shape.

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