Ciao Bella – Friday in Rome

As part of my promise to myself to fill this year with amazing experiences, I jumped on the opportunity to spend four full days in Rome over the bank holiday weekend. It was a pretty last minute decision but was an incredible weekend full of amazing sites, incredible food and sunshine, sunshine, sunshine. Over the course of four days, I walked over 46 miles in less-than-sensible (but ever-so-stylish) shoes. But I managed to tick everything off my long list of things to do and see in Rome… proof in the pics from Friday….

I left the office as swiftly as possible on Thursday night and got the last Ryanair flight from Stansted… managed to get a lift selfie (and yes, that is the only baggage I brought for four days – believe it or not)!


Always time for an elevator selfie


When your skirt matches the local flora, you know you’re in the right place


First pictures at the Colosseum


There were a lot of Colosseum pics…


Couldn’t help myself


Colosseum selfie


Took way too many (sorry, not sorry)


Oh look, ruins!


Getting my jam on in front of a flower wall 


Ruins on ruins.


Colosseum and flowers 


Praise Jesus for the wonderful tourists who humored me with photo shoots


The real flower wall pic

After a quick walk around the Colosseum and the Roman Forum (real visits were a couple days later), I quick changed into my long skirt and headed over the Vatican to visit St Peters and the Vatican museums.(which, if you are headed to Rome in the summer, can be visited late into the evenings on Fridays – when the Vatican opens late for the locals to enjoy).


Blue skies and bushy topped pines


Waiting in line to get in


St Peters Basilica


View from the Dome


Incredible interiors


The view from the top of St Peters Basilica

IMG_4535 (1)

Watching the sun set over the piazza

IMG_4596 (1)

Watching the sunset over the dome


Vatican museums – Piazza della pina! Love a good pine cone and peacock setup


Amazing views at night

IMG_4577 (1)

My diet consisted almost exclusively of Aperol spritz and carbs in various forms

IMG_4578 (1)

The map room at the Vatican Museum – the picture doesn’t even begin to capture it

IMG_4598 (1)

Mute Swan of Peace….to end the day

It was an incredible first day in Rome but I was completely wiped out and had lots to do on day two.

Day One – Recommendations:

  • Vatican museums – late entry (Fridays in the summer) – beat the crowds and the heat
  • La Vittoria Ristorante (near the Vatican – details here) for some amazing pasta and pizza
  • Download free audioguides/walking tours – a lot cheaper than the 6 euro audio guides in every single location (different ones for the dome, St Peters, etc). It is worth getting the one in the Vatican Museums because there is so much to see (three hours was barely enough time) – but be ready to go hunting for the numbers for each piece of art/room… it is like a where’s waldo of audio guides.
  • Pay to take the elevator to the top of the dome – the extra 2 euros is worth it but be warned – there are still a couple hundred steps up tiny little staircases to the very top.

One response to “Ciao Bella – Friday in Rome

  1. Amazing trip and great photos! Brought back many good memories, and made me want to go again and see what I missed.
    You are one amazing lady, and I love following your blog!
    Kisses, Loretta


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