Roman Holiday – Saturday in the Eternal City

Saturday was spent ticking even more amazing things off my list of sites and wonders in Rome. I did a walking tour of the Jewish Ghetto and the Trastevere neighborhoods, explored Piazza and Palazzo Venezia,  Capitoline Hill, Piazza del Campidoglio, Ponte Sisto, Isola Tiberina, etc etc etc. This, of course, was accompanied by a ridiculous amount of carbs and Aperol. When in Rome…

Up the stairs to conquer the day – 22 flights of stairs on Saturday and 11 miles walked
Heading towards Piazza Venezia – quick pic by the Roman Forum (on Sunday’s agenda)
Piazza Venezia
Oh look, more amazing old stuff….In the Palazzo Venezia
IMG_4631 (1)
Walk through the Jewish Ghetto and the Teatro Marcello
IMG_4632 (1)
Eating carciofi (artichokes) – Jewish style in the Jewish Ghetto
Aventine Hill
Keyhole of the knights of malta – couldn’t capture it on my iPhone but when you look through the keyhole, there is a perfect view of St Peters
The Rose Gardens at Aventine Hill
Bocca della verita – it was already closed by the time I made it there, so no sticking my hand in some weird statue this time…
Amazing views of the Roman Forum
Panoramanic from the top of Capitoline Hill

It was another incredible day in Rome, with still so much left to see!

Day two recommendations:

  • Piperno – fantastic restaurant tucked away in a beautiful little piazza in the Jewish Ghetto. Reserve through their website and ask for a “tavolo sulla piazza” and settle in for a gorgeous table on the piazza.
  • Don’t try to cross Piazza Venezia without falling the pedestrian signs…it’s insane.
  • Eat gelato at least three times a day… when in Rome…

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