Sunday in Rome – Gods and Gladiators

Day three started with a gelato for breakfast at the famous Gelato di San Crispino, where their signature flavour is a honey gelato…perfect start to the day. Just down a small alley from the Trevi fountain, I got in there before all the tourists started gelato-hunting. The fountain, however, was a different story…. hoards of tourists trying to throw one, two, three coins into the fountain.

The legend goes something along the lines of one coin into the fountain means you will return to Rome, two coins means you will fall in love with a Roman and three coins means you will get married to a Roman. Lord knows the last thing I need right now is the latter two – so it was only one coin in for me then I bee-lined out of the crazy hoards of tourists.


Trevi fountain – coin in – tick!

Listening to another great walking tour podcast, I made my way towards the Pantheon, stopping along the way for a granita de caffe – the famous coffee at Caffe Tazza d’Oro. Because after a gelato for breakfast, it is best to keep the sugar train going… with an espresso shaved ice with whipped cream…


La casa del caffé tazza d’oro – famous for their granita caffe

Managed to devour that while in line to enter the Pantheon, which was stunning.


The gorgeous interior of the pantheon


Captured on camera – pre-selfie hair flip and the selfie itself in front of the Pantheon

After a wander towards Largo di Torre Argentina (where Julius Caesar was killed and which now is home to a cat sanctuary) and a little bit of pizza for the road (carbs on carbs on carbs), it was finally time to visit the Colosseum and the Roman Forum.


Another amazing Roman day at the Colosseum


The incredible inside of the Colosseum


Touristy touristy


Sitting on old stuff – ruins and whatnot


The Roman Forum – Temple of Saturn


The Forum is filled with ruins that were for the most part, covered by silt – just the tops of columns and obelisks peeked out


The views from the top of Palantine Hill


Looking over the Forum


Me on Palantine Hill over the Roman Forum


The Vestal Virgin courtyard

My favorite restaurant of the trip was the Sunday night feast at Amedeo (not far from the Colosseum).


Most incredible dinner – mortadella with truffles, local cheeses and meats with honey and jam to start


Before tucking into this insane Cacio e Pepe with squash blossoms.

After three full days running around Rome, I was exhausted… at that point, my handy iPhone had tracked me at 35 miles walked and 86 flights of stairs climbed. But I still had a few things to tick off my list before I could leave the Eternal City.

Recommendations from day three:

  • Cacio e Pepe – OMG so delicious.
  • Leave ample time at the Roman Forum – I had 2 hours set aside before they closed and definitely didn’t get to see as much of Palantine Hill as I would have wanted. They also stop providing audio tours two hours before close so that was a bit of a downer.
  • Buy Forum and Colosseum tickets prior to arriving – the ticket is good for two days and buying it online will save you a massive line at the actual entrance.


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