Roman Holiday – ultimo giorno a Roma

My last day in Rome was a bit  more chill – mostly because I was exhausted and had powered through so many things in the city. I managed to get time in for an aperitivo (think happy hour with a buffet) and got rowed around the little lago in the Borghese Gardens. The Spanish Steps were under construction so that was the only thing that I wasn’t able to get pics of or walk up/down.

My weekend in Rome was ultra-last minute but oh-so-enjoyable. By far one of the best weekends away I’ve done since being in Europe (which – btw – is almost ten years).

Bridge and Castle of Angels (Ponte Sant’Angelo) under amazing skies
Panoramic view of Piazza del Popolo
More of the piazza
View from the Passeggiata del Pincio on my way up to the Borghese Gardens
Charmed an Italian to row me around the little lake in the Borghese Gardens – thank the Lord for those two years of Italian in college!
And made him stop to take pics of me…. #sorrynotsorry
diva on fleek
definitely a highlight of the trip
Views over Rome from the gardens
Orange trees, inner courtyards, hidden down little alleyways
More Cacio e Pepe before heading back to London

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