Two days in Paris

Oh Paris… the place where I have spent the most time in my adult life (weird!) thus far… six whole years were spent in Paris – studying, teaching, playing and indulging (oh cheese! oh wine!). A lot happened in those six years and it is hard to believe that it has been four years since I left and well over a year since my last trip to Paris. This time, I brought the new man along for the ride – since he had never been there before (a travesty, really). So we tried to squeeze in as much touristing as we could in 48 hours. Our trip started out with the earliest possible train on a Saturday morning… which was brutal, but totally worth it.

After the earliest train on the planet, breakfast in Paris…
Strolling down through the Jardin de Luxembourg and by its many fountains
Look at that noble Canadian!
Subjected to my love of selfies… poor thing
The Jardin de Luxembourg in all of its summertime splendor
The columns of the Pantheon
Blue skies and big heads
Our lady of Paris
Little night bike action with the Fat Tire Bike Tour crowd
Looking super cute in our neon vests
Noble Canadian biking at the Louvre
fighting the urge to do one of those crazy pyramid poses….
But eventually giving in to peer pressure
Biking along the Jardin des Tuileries
Duck faces on the Bateaux Mouche
Pont Alexandre III
Nothing like a Parisian sunset from the Seine
Blue white and red – for Nice.
Sunday morning stroll to Saint Sulpice… swan dive into the fountain.
Boy choking goose… a Louvre favourite.
Oh Paris, you’re so pretty.
I may redecorate my apartment like this…
From the inside looking out
That is a Roman floor.
The first Victoria’s Secret angel…
The Louvre nearly got the best of us…poor biche.
But then we hiked up the Champs Elysee. We triumphed.
And ended the day with a couple too many Aperol spritzes on the Place des Vosges

And just like that, 48 hours in Paris came to an end… 27 miles walked in two days, tons of sites seen, loads of cheese and bread consumed, a beautiful bottle of Sancerre consumed and a bunch of new memories in a city which will always hold a special place in my heart.

Paris Recommendations:

From living there: see my blog post about my fave Paris hits here.

From this trip:

  • Cafe l’Atelier on Boulevard de Montparnasse – excellent breakfast option
  • La Place Royale on Place des Vosges – where they kindly gave us a cheese platter in place of olives when we were on our third round of drinks
  • Les Bougresses in the Marais – delicious set menu with a perfect creme brulee
  • Fat Tire Bike Tour – Night Bike Tour… a lot of you know that I used to work for FT back in the day (literally 4 years ago). So returning to Paris meant a night bike tour, not only to see the sites but also to remember fondly how much I loved that summer! If anyone is looking for something fun to do in Paris (or a summer job that will make you wish you never had to go back to the real world), Fat Tire is for you. The night bike tour is the best – ice cream at Berthillon, the sun setting across Paris, a ride with wine on a Bateaux Mouche, and seeing all of the sites in central Paris. Cannot recommend it enough.


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