Woah, we’re half way there

Woah, livin’ on a prayer…

Sorry… couldn’t help myself. Love a good power ballad.

Anywho… we are now more than halfway through the year – 7 full months in – and I thought it was time to check in and re-evaluate the progress I have made on some of my goals this year. You may remember that I set out some goals for myself in a New Years post – check it out here.

  1. Take better care of myself – This has been a serious focus of mine in the first half of the year. Joined Blue Cow Yoga and have been doing 15-20 yoga classes a month there since April, which makes me happy and keeps me zen. I have also been dealing with some health issues… lots of doctors and tests and vitamins… all in an effort to make life a bit better and healthier.
  2. Quality over quantity – Definitely been doing more of this in recent months… focusing on the right people, making sure my friends and family far and wide know how much they mean to me, prioritizing all sorts of relationships. I have becoming that person that keeps blank cards in my desk drawer and I kinda love it.
  3. Make sound financial decisions – Moving flats definitely was the best financial decision I have made this year. I am now making some serious headway on finances. Refinancing, paying off loans, paying down credit cards…. should be well on my way to being completely debt free in the next 10-12 months.
  4. Travel – I wanted to make it to four new countries this year… so far I have made it to Australia, New Zealand, and the Vatican – all new countries on my list. I also had a layover in Dubai but that hardly counts. But I have tickets to Iceland booked in September and that will be number 4… will probably hit 5/6 new countries in total in 2016. Expectations on scheduled to be exceeded, just how I like things. More generally, I have been doing quite a bit of travelling (understatement) and have a bit more to come (sorrynotsorry).
    • Monaco, Menton, Paris, Rome, Edinburgh, Dublin – weekend excursions away (Monaco, Menton, Paris and Rome have already been featured on the blog… Edinburgh and Dublin to come);
    • A mystery weekend away to somewhere I have never been, courtesy of the man… (EEEEEEEK SO EXCITED);
    • Iceland weekend booked with my momma in September;
    • A couple of trips to New York in the fall/winter; and
    • A big trip to the US in October (NYC, DC, Minneapolis, Green Bay, Milwaukee, Austin).

So that’s the update, folks… keeping myself in line, motivated and working towards a happy and healthy 2016 (despite all the misery in the world).

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