Fur for days, Vikings and the Blue Lagoon

When my dearest mumsicle decided to plan a trip to Iceland a few months ago, I agreed to hop on a plane and meet her for a weekend in Reykjavik. As I haven’t been home to the States since December, it was nice to have a couple days with my mom at the end of her Icelandic adventures. I left London at dawn on Saturday and after a quick stop in Belfast, landed in Reykjavik and went straight to the Blue Lagoon where I met her!

The drive to the lagoon

Gorillas in the mist

Lava fields surrounding the lagoon waters

How much would you pay for a can of air?

Puffins on puffins

White fur and volcanos

I spent two days trying on fur of all varieties and forms

This was by far my favorite – gahhhhhh

Hallgrimskirkja church

The view from the top of the steeple

Gooooooose and the colorful rooftops of Reykjavic

Bear rug hugs

Professional viking photo shoot early on a Monday morning? Yes, please.

I asked for the Katniss Everdeen special

So fierce

I will cut you with my axe.

So outrageous but the results were priceless – thanks mom!

Mumsie and me – apple doesnt fall far from the tree

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