Weekend in Sitges

When one of my nearest and dearest from law school decided to host his 30th birthday party in a beautiful villa just south of Barcelona in Sitges, y’all know I could not resist.

Because life has been a bit crazy of late, I didn’t book the flights until 48 hours before and on Friday afternoon I jumped on a plane from London to Barcelona to meet up with the approximately 50 people that flew in from all over the world to celebrate the birthday boy.

The villa was insane, the company was so fantastic, the drinks were flowing, the food was delish, the pool was crisp and the sun graced us with her presence all weekend long.

Token passport picture with ridiculously large sun hat
Just a shot of the villa’s wine cellar, no big deal
Chillin’ like villains

Pool selfie

View from the bell tower

Wine tasting in the cellar before dinner

Literally a miracle they let this group of degenerates on the plane…

Such a fantastic weekend with old friends and new – might just have to make it to the annual birthday bash every year!

Whatcha thinking sunshine?

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