48 hours in Berlin

When the reality of leaving Europe kicked in, I panicked. I must see and do everything before I leave the continent!  While I have to constantly be reminded that Europe isn’t going anywhere, I still wanted to tick a few things off the list before heading back to the U S of A. So I decided to make a quick 2 day trip to Berlin during the week. It was by far the cheapest escape I have ever done, mostly because (1) I was going solo and (2) I was travelling during the week. I picked up some super cheap fares on Ryanair- £45 for round trip flights from London to Berlin. Because I was by myself I decided to splurge (enter eye roll) on a six bed female dormitory at a highly rated hostel in the centre of the city for the price of £35.

I spent two days wandering (25 miles worth) around Berlin, doing all of the Rick Steves walking tours, going into all of the museums and various sites.  It was a beautiful city, with a fascinating dichotomy between west and east, even 20+ years after the fall of the wall. It was interesting to see the different parts of the wall, the sections remaining, with the various memorials and exhibitions to current conflicts in the world. The East Side Gallery features portions of the original wall which house changing exhibitions, the current one is a photography tribute to victims of the ongoing war in Syria

I had a fantastic dinner at Zur Gerichtslaube – it is a 13th century vaulted church-like building with a vaulted main dining room and a biergarten. I chose the harvest menu which featured a blue cheese stuffed pear that was fried and rolled in almonds with a side salad and the Berlin style meatball with fried onion and mashed potatoes. Delish. Other than overeating (including trying a curry wurst on the street), I just walked and walked and walked until my time in Berlin was up.

Wandering Berlin at night – around museum island

Brandenburg Gate at night

The gate in all of its glory

The history of the German parliament in lights and video on the river

Living room-esque coffee shop in East Berlin

Prenzlauer Berg

Berlin Wall Memorial – includes section of the original walls and the death zone

Checkpoint Charlie

Topography of Terror – open air museum in the gestapo headquarters

Merica. We love freedom and McDonalds

Blonde and Brandenburg Gate

Humbolt University

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