Last Days in London

I have so much catching up to do on here – the last few weeks have been absolutely insane in so many ways that I have a backlog of posts and pictures to publish. Enjoy!


Farewell London


Double date dinner with my London bestie and her boyf – Salut!


So of course, I had to take pictures of the food


which was oh so delicious


and the restaurant itself was small and simple, but perfect.


Our last full weekend in London was spent swanning with the Queen’s swans near Buckingham Palace


And reliving the walk we took late at night on our second date (cute!)


But this time during the day


We stopped for a quick brunch at Pickle and Pistachio which was amazing – cheesey beans on toast with a poached egg and his go-to, the breakfast burrito


We had to capture our last moments in London touristing


The swans cooperated in the photoshoot


Sunday brunch was at Long White Cloud – thiscute little place by Colombia Flower Market – morning complete with coffee, avocado toast and fresh flowers from the market


The afternoon was spent wandering Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill


The views of which were amazing as always


I finally made it in to St Paul’s Cathedral after having views of it for the past three years from my office.


I hosted my going away party at the Drift in the City


Complete with too many old fashioned


We had a nice lounge area where everyone made themselves comfortable


And by the end of the night, I was posing in pictures like this.


In order to make the move to New York, I had to move all of my stuff from where I was living in Oval to the man’s place in Angel….


Honey, I’m home! Luckily the transatlantic movers came a couple days later.


We spent our last Tuesday night date night at Sushi Samba in Heron Tower


And had the most amazing meal


Complete with anime faces and large drinks


The famous Sushi Samba tree


Views over London and red faces


On my last full day in London, I made a special stop at Borough Market for one of these bad boys


And made it out to Mayfair for lunch with close friends


Farewell to Selfridges, Hello Barneys!


Views in Angel the morning before I left London


The final brunch at the Elk in the Woods before catching the train to Heathrow.

There are a lot of things I will miss about London:

  • the proximity to continental Europe (a weekend in Cincinnati just doesn’t have the same appeal as a weekend in Budapest);
  • the green, village-like environment all over London;
  • the quintessentially British British-isms – afternoon tea, “lovely”, Sunday roasts, afternoons at the pub, etc., etc.
  • the clean and reliable public transportation (this has only become appreciated and missed now that I am in NYC);
  • hosting Thanksgiving… this one literally breaks my heart – it was my most favorite holiday and it meant that everyone could make it because no one was celebrating with their own families;
  • most of all – my London-based, amazing friends and family who have become so very important to me over the past few years – you know who you are and you know how much you mean to me.

Four whole years in London – can hardly believe it. And after more than a decade living abroad, I am finally back in the US of A. There were quite a few adventures in Europe before I made my grand return to America…. and a couple more jaunts in the US prior to settling down in the Big Apple… stay tuned… lots of posts and pictures coming your way very, very soon.

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