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For months, I had planned on making a trip back to the States in October – to see family, to attend my office roomie’s wedding (part deux, ‘Merica style – for details on part one, click here) and to see my friends scattered around America. I had booked all the legs of my trip with one exception – the return to London from New York. Fate intervening? Self-fulfilling prophecy? Little bit of both? Whatever it was, I left London on October 14th and headed off on my pre-planned and purchased trip around the US…. First stop: Minneapolis.

My brother and his boyf have lived in Minneapolis for the last couple of years and it was the first time I have made it to visit them. In a twist of amazing luck, my nearest, dearest officemate was hosting his wedding ceremony and reception in city hall in Minneapolis so two birds, one stone. Efficiency at its very best.

Little Salvatore!
Minneapolis City Hall
Me and the boys

I landed in Minneapolis on the Friday night before the wedding and spent some time catching up with the boys and spending time with my little fur nephew, Salvatore. We snuck out for coffee on Saturday morning with my high school bestie who just so happened to be in the Twin Cities for another friend’s wedding (seriously, what are the odds?) and then swanned off to brunch at the Night Hawk (click here) for some amazing savory pancakes.

Chorizo and corn pancakes – to die for
My little brother’s makeup station – getting me ready for the wedding
He is a superstar

My brother is a very accomplished and talented make-up artist extraordinaire so he did my make up for the wedding… I am a pretty lucky bunny. He made me look like a god-dess (French Kiss reference for any of you observant Meg Ryan lovers out there) and dropped me off at City Hall for a festive evening celebrating love, drinking gin, dancing to 90s hits and singing at the top of our lungs in one of the coolest venues I have ever seen.

Posey pic with my nephew
Saying their vows in City Hall
The amazing interior of City Hall
The happy grooms and me
My officemate and me

It was such a privilege to attend both the UK and US editions of my officemate’s wedding – saying goodbye to the happy couple the next day, not knowing when I will see them next was one of the hardest goodbyes from my London crew. He and I spent about 70+ hours a week together for 18 months, sharing the good with the bad – he became family – whether he likes it or not. There is a John-shaped hole in my life now… he sends me sad pictures of my empty desk at the office so I know the feeling is mutual.

You literally cannot take me anywhere
Look at that ceiling!
Getting down on the dancefloor
Dear heavens…

In the 36 hours I was in Minneapolis, I managed to see my childhood bestie, my brother, his boyfriend, brunch Minneapolis-style, attend and dance the night away, have coffee with a high school friend I hadn’t seen in about a decade, indulge in a spot of bloody mary – Midwest style before jumping on a plane to Wisconsin…. Not too shabby.

Then it was off to picturesque Green Bay, Wisconsin to spend some quality family time with my gram and mumsicle…. Complete with autumnal walks along the Fox River and burgers and milkshakes at Krolls. It was definitely a welcome break from all the insanity that has been my life over the past few months. Looking back, it feels like ages ago… so much to catch up on in the blog world. I’m working on it – stick with me – there will be many posts coming up in the next few days as we speed towards the end of 2016!

Burgers and milkshakes with my momma and grammy pie
Wisconsin leaves
Along the Fox River in De Pere

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