Sunshine, Tacos and Taylor

If you have been paying any attention at all, you will know that I met a pretty cool Texan in London last Thanksgiving through a mutual friend. Here’s the low down… Miss Julie is the cat’s pajamas. I met her through Hannah (her childhood friend and my former colleague from Fat Tire Bike Tours) who said “Y’all are basically the same person so y’all should be friends – Julie is coming to London”. So I invited Julie to Thanksgiving and a beautiful friendship blossomed practically overnight… probably because we are basically the same person.

We share a love of, first and foremost, Taylor Swift. So when Tay announced her only performance of 2016 in Austin at the Formula One Circuit of the Americas in March, we ordered tickets and made plans to go together. Despite huge changes in my life, I was determined to make it to Texas to go all out with Jules…. And go all out we did…. To extremes I didn’t think possible.

It started with a ridiculous late night airport pick up complete with pink poster board (this girl gets me). Our first full day included a drive to Austin from Dallas, an amazing nail art mani – white and gold just because, an unexpected shopping detour at Nordstroms (because American Airlines lost my luggage and took a couple days to get it back to me and as if I needed an excuse to shop), drinks at a gorgeous patio, burgers and margaritas downtown…. An insanely great first day. Unfortunately, I was battling a serious cold so that put a damper on the first couple of days but that hardly slowed us down.

The welcome committee
Stunning views of Austin from Julie’s place
Our manis
Channeling Olivia Newton John
Sunny happy hour
This girl <3
I would like a baby corona in my margarita please

Day 2 included an epic lunch at Torchy’s (GOOD GOD IN HEAVEN GET ME SOME OF THOSE FRIED AVOCADO TACOS STAT), a barefoot fording of the river to get some quality sun time on the rocks near the waterfalls at the Lost Creek in Greenbelt, comfort food and fairy lights at Jacoby’s before heading out on Rainey Street. We said we were going to take it easy before Taylor Swift…. We lied. The night ended wasteypants at Barberella and I spent some quality time lying on the cold tiles of bathroom well into the early morning…. I am too old for this (kinda… can’t stop, won’t stop).

Fried avocado – to die for
Fording the river
Chasing waterfalls
Not my natural habitat
MIrror selfie before going out
Jacoby’s patio
It was Julie’s turn to be ONJ
Neon swan – seemed fitting
Drunky pants


We were rockstars until the next day

The next morning was…. Rough…. And that is the understatement of the century. Julie had booked us into a jazz brunch (excellent idea but being seated in the sun next to the jazz band with hangovers the size of a blimp was not fantastic in execution). Once we moved out of the sun and further from the band, we were able to sip coffee and nosh on chilaquiles casserole until the headaches subsided.

Blue skies and brunch

On the way home to get ready for Taylor, we had to make a quick pit stop to pick up a special surprise for Julie. This requires a bit of contextual background – sooooo Julie and I had made a bet involving a man (yes, the one I am currently dating). While I won’t divulge the specifics of the bet, the loser was required to purchase flower crowns for Taylor day. I lost the bet but I am pretty sure that I won in the long run (like I said, very happily dating the man in question AND we got outrageous flower crowns…. So really, no one lost).


Is that a flask in your boot?


Oh look a car


We are here for the cars

The flower crowns were huge and spectacular (although a lot heavier than expected). It was very clear to everyone at the Circuit of the Americas that we were there for the car race (*eye roll*). #Sorrynotsorry

Taylor was fantastic – rocking out and throwing shade – it was amazing. We went home with sore throats and headaches but made sure to stop on Rainey Street for a late night grilled cheese before hitting the hot tub. Epic. Just Epic.


My last day in Austin was another gorgeous one. We went to Josephine House for brunch, which was over the top girly and adorable. Then we spent the whole afternoon at the pool with…. Wait for it… a giant inflatable unicorn! Julie knows me so well. We drove back to Dallas that evening and I hopped a super early flight the next morning to the East Coast.


I had the most amazing time in Austin – I will definitely be back for more!

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