The city that never sleeps

I don’t even know where to begin. I had been thinking about moving to New York City for a while now… anyone close to me in London knew it had been on my mind since Brexit in June this year. The future of my professional life in London was up in the air. Uncertainty was the state of play. Work wasn’t going very well. My family seemed increasingly far away. Many of my closest friends were stateside, getting married, having beautiful babes and I was too far to enjoy sharing those moments with them. The man was moving back to the States for work. All contributing factors to my decision to move. In an unexpected and rather last-minute decision, I quit my job, packed my bags and left London. If you missed my post on my last days in London, go check it out here.

Our first ten days in the Big Apple were spent in hotels – first, the London (for the irony and the excellent last minute deal on a fancy shmancy hotel) and then the Michaelangelo (for its’ proximity to all the big law firms in Midtown). Those days were soul crushing – they were spent looking for an apartment in what is, by far, the most expensive city I have ever lived (so far… #lifegoals).

In three days, we saw over 45 apartments – all one bed and all around our budget. We started in Tribeca (you know who has an apartment in Tribeca… that’s right… T Swift – swoon) but soon realized that downtown is way too hectic and aggressive. The roof top views were pretty spectacular though. We checked out the Financial District and Battery Park City – all too far downtown and not as nice as some of the places further uptown. After a day, we started focusing on the Upper West Side and the Upper East Side, finally settling on the largest apartment we could get for our money on the Upper East Side – a few blocks from Central Park, a short walk to Midtown, a few steps from the East River… it is perfect. We have spent a little over a month waiting for sea shipments, furniture deliveries and finally decorating. It finally feels like home and I absolutely love it. My doormen are delightful, the location ideal and the space more than I thought we would have in New York.

A lot of my time has been spent unpacking, organizing, cleaning and interviewing. Being unemployed in the big city is not ideal but I have been wrestling with thoughts of leaving law – there will be a whole post on that dilemma – so I have been interviewing for law and non-law jobs. The lead up to the holiday season is always tricky but there seems to be no shortage of opportunities in New York – sifting through the good, the bad and the ugly has kept me more than occupied.

Luckily I have had a few distractions in the form of visitors – one of my London besties, my brother, one of my DC besties – plus a few mini vacations (Boston for Thanksgiving weekend, a few days in DC seeing some of my sisters from other misters). I have also been working on my NYC wish list complete with all of the NYC places and things I want to experience – we managed to tick one off the list since we arrived (see below for the pics from the Empire State Building). There is so much to do in NYC and I can’t wait to do it all over the course of my (at least 18 months) time here. There will be plenty of posts on all of the adventure and excitement in New York – I will start posting about my fave restaurants and cool things to do in the big city once my crazy schedule starts to stabilize.

Welcome to America – FROYO
Times Square on the first night in NYC
Amazing views on our apartment hunts
More views
Oh look – roof terrace
The most amazing roof terrace on the Upper West Side
Carnegie Deli lunch
Views from the Park
I want to live in the London – it is divine
Awesome brunch in Hell’s Kitchen at 44 and X
Apartment hunting
Halloween in Hell’s Kitchen
Rockefeller Center – Mummy skating
Ice skating in Bryant Park
Return to the land of all day breakfast
When the man’s band came to town and we went to the show on the Lower East Side
Sonic Avenues at the Cake Shop
Brunch at Atwood
Housewarming present from my London bestie
The perils of moving – from the Container Store to Bed Bath and Beyond
Brunch in Chelsea
Incredible views of downtown
Life in the Big Apple
Election Day selfie
Catching up with my New York bestie
The rainy day view from our new apartment
Little Brooklyn adventures
Who ya calling a goose?
View of Midtown from Brooklyn
Weenie brigade
Red Velvet Cake Pop from the Sweet Haus
Delish lobster grilled cheese at Draught 55
Ticking things off the list – starting with the Empire State Building
Made it to the top for sunset – which was stunning
From the flatiron building all the way downtown
Selfie under the Christmas lights 
Super Moon over Midtown – view of the Queensborough Bridge
Post-election “post-it therapy” in Union Square
Washington Square Park at night
After re-stringing his guitar… with neon green strings.


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