DC in December

I was originally planning on going to Washington DC as part of my October US trip… but I had to head straight to DC in order to find an apartment and interview at a few different firms. Because of my interview schedule and general uncertainty over scheduling and timing, I hadn’t made any concrete plans to head to DC (even though it is only a couple hours away and I was long overdue to make an appearance). Finally, one of my DC besties gave me the swift kick I needed by sending a text that said “Seriously tho, DC?!?!”. I booked a bus ticket that same day for less than two weeks later.

I managed to head to DC for four days – got in one evening with my London/Texas bestie who just recently moved to DC for BigLaw (proudayouuuu girl) which we spent at SoulCycle for our girl Taylor’s birthday, spent two days with one of my Paris/DC besties who just had the most gorgeous little girl,  celebrated all sorts of fun and happiness with my Paris girls over a long-scheduled winter reunion, squeezed in some pilates and yoga at Circle Yoga (where I worked for two years in college) and got a bit of respite from all of the interviewing and unemployment drama. It was divine and exactly what I needed.

You know you’re in DC when you come across this sort of thing when walking down the street…
An amazing brunch at Ted’s Bulletin
Post-spin hot chocolate
Got to spend two whole days with this little beauty
We were all smiles all the time
Got to hang out with this hottie – we always look so good
More of the nugget – out grocery shopping
Back at home all snuggled up
Girl’s reunion night out
These girls are the bee’s knees
Walking to Union Station
Always love seeing this from angles all over town
Union Station Christmas Tree
Cold and static-y in sub-freezing temps

While it was a short’n’sweet trip, I am ever so grateful that I will be only a couple of hours away from all of my fantastic friends in DC.

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