White Wisco Christmas

As with every Christmas, my trip home is always a whirlwind. This year, between job interviews, the move and last minute travel plans, was no different. I flew into Chicago, had dinner with my dad and stepmom, did some last minute shopping downtown with them, picked up my sis from the airport and drove back to Milwaukee – all within the first few hours of my arrival in the Midwest.


Flying into Chicago at sunset


Hitting up the cheese aisle at Eataly


Downtown Chicago stroll


Hanging out with my favorite sister

As always, we had to get some special snuggle time in with our favorite Riley-pie… which resulted in a ridiculous series of late night photoshoots.


Oh look, it’s a Riley


Breakfast by the Christmas Tree




Pickle pie and honey bunny by the tree

We had a great dinner out with my mom and one of her good friends downtown before heading to the annual rendition of the Christmas Carol at the Pabst Theater.


A Christmas Carol at the Pabst Theater




Weirdos anonymous

The day before Christmas eve was spent catching up with my bestie, my sis and one of her besties at coffee, then driving up to Green Bay to see my gram… we made it up north just as the snow was starting to stick. It was picture perfect – once we got all cozy inside.


Arrived in Green Bay as the snow fell

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were spent eating tons and tons of food – including Icelandic hot dogs, pork dumplings, Slovak kolache – and drinking Rumchata and wines from New Zealand and Germany. International doesn’t even begin to describe it – but it was the foundation of our internationally themed Christmas festivities this year.


Making breakfast casserole for the fam


Skyping with little buster bear in Milan


Rambo selfie


My aunt Maggie loves a great sink


The Christmas Table


Llama creations by my super talented cousin


This amazing piece is going up in my apartment stat


We should not be allowed to hang out


Riley photoshoot


Late night sternum snuggles


I woke up like this


Leaving the cold blustery frozen tundra for a slightly less frozen tundra

We had a great time at Grams then headed to my dad’s for another Christmas on Boxing Day. My last day in Milwaukee included brunch with my mom and sis, lunch and hanging out with my bestie and sis and then driving to Chicago with my sister… a fantastic end to what always seems like a very short trip.

Back to the Big Apple for a couple interviews then off to celebrate the new year in style, on a beach in Mexico followed by some adventure in Costa Rica! Stay tuned for a 2016 in review post, as well as looking forward to 2017 and all the excitement it holds! Happy holidays to you all!

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