Riviera Maya, Mexico

After getting back from Christmas in cold and snowy Wisconsin, I had a couple days of interviews before heading off to ring in 2017 in Playa del Carmen. It was a rather impromptu trip (booked literally five days before we left) – we decided to split the time off before the boyfriend started his new job between Mexico and Costa Rica. Mexico was an easy decision – we had both been there before and there were plenty of hotel and flight options on such a last-minute basis. We knew we could get pretty good deals, enjoy the sunshine and indulge in cheap Mexican food for a week.

Early morning selfie out of Newark (yes, I got a spray tan the day before…)
We snapchat – he loves it
Our little home for the first few days

We decided to split our time in Mexico between a cute little boutique hotel downtown Playa del Carmen (for the local flavour, access to Cozumel and Chichen Itza) and a big all-inclusive resort (for the unlimited frozen drinks, beach access and amenities).

As some of you may know, I have a growing magnet collection – pick one up in every place I visit (and some of my nearest and dearest have started adding to the collection as well). Thank god we moved back to America, land of giant fridges!

Magnet paradise
First drink of the vacation
When your nails match your drink but you are photobombed by a burrito-eating maniac

We managed to avoid the typical New Year’s Eve restaurant trap – set menus at ridiculous prices – by waiting for a table at Los Hijos de la Tostada. We managed to get a table outside around 10pm and settled in to a couple of hours of people watching while we sipped our drinks, ate ridiculous amounts of guacamole, chips, tacos and tostadas. I wish I would have taken more pics of the food because it was absolutely fantastic AND we ended up going there twice. Our NYE feast for 2 cocktails, 3 beers, three tostadas, two tacos, huge thing of guacamole, endless chips, and a plate of fried shrimp for $34. When midnight rang and the fireworks on the beach started, we paid our bill and walked towards the beach – the crowds got a bit too Cancun-esque (too many people, random firecrackers, drunk people everywhere) so we made our way back to our cute hotel.

New Years Eve
Guac on guac – all part of guac tour 2017

January 1st, 2017 – what better way to spend the first day of a brand new year then on a beach, with a large coffee, in the warm sunshine?

First Day of 2017
Fixing my hair with a view
Reminiscent of Venice – should I walk on the green algae? Doesn’t look slippery…
The bed looked like a peacock, so I had to play the part
Sunshine and selfies

We spent one of our days in Cozumel – it is a quick 40 minute ferry from the main port in Playa to Cozumel. Based on our trips there and back, I highly recommend sitting far away from anyone, particularly infants. Also, if you are prone to sympathetic puking, it may be worth bringing headphones and a scarf to cover your head. We chose the windiest day ever to take a giant ferry and I had to meditate on the way back to avoid listening or smelling our neighbor with his head in a garbage can. Plesantries aside, Cozumel was beautiful.

We took a taxi for about 25 minutes south of the port to Paradise Beach. We walked for a couple of hours along the beachfront which was almost completely deserted to Playa Palancar.

Day trip to Cozumel
Partly cloudy day but we still managed to enjoy the peace and quiet
We spent the whole day walking along the deserted west coast of Cozumel
and played in the waves
Sunshine, sand and silence
Selfie on the ferry – that girl in the back isn’t looking so good…. get her a sick bag.

Another day trip was our adventure to Chichen Itza. We didn’t really feel like dropping over a $100 each on some 12 hour group tour that left before dawn, so we decided to do it our way – rent a cheap car from one of the rental agencies in Playa, drive the 2 hours to Chichen Itza, and explore it ourselves – and yes, we did download an audio tour for our adventure. mxplor Chichen Itza is a full audio tour app you can download from iTunes and it comes complete with a map of the ruins.

Chichen Itza – full of iguanas
El Castillo (The Castle)
This is where they had sticks with human heads on it… something about defeating their enemies…
The Secret Cenote – where they threw their children as sacrifices to the gods…
Giant lizard on the statue of Chac Mool
Group of the Thousand Columns
Selfie at one of the Seven Wonders
Iguanas running wild
Hanging out by the Nunnery
On the drive back from Chichen Itza to Playa Del Carmen
Our view for three days at the all-inclusive resort
We sat in the shade (and still got patchy from the sun)
But we drank lots of free pina coladas and miami vices, so that made up for it
Plus the resort had tons of these little guys running around
They are called Coatis and they are very friendly
Mostly ’cause they want food… or your pina colada…
These bad boys were all over the place too

Our last three days in Mexico were spent beach-bumming at the all-inclusive. It was nice to have some peace and quiet – not go anywhere, make it to the gym a couple of times, hit the giant buffet up, guac to the max, pina coladas for dayssss and read about 5 books while lying in the shade on the beach, listening to the waves. Bliss. Before we knew it, our week in Mexico was over and we were on our way to Liberia, Costa Rica for another adventure.


Where we stayed:

Downtown Playa: The Bric Hotel

All-inclusive: Blue Bay Grand Esmeralda

Where we ate (the good ones only):

Los Hijos de la Tostada – amazing selection of cold and hot tostadas

Axiote – unique Mexican cuisine, with strange ingredients (grasshoppers!) – had the most amazing seared tuna and avocado tacos here though

Micaela’s – fantastic table-side guacamole preparation, standard Mexican fare

Muy Salsa – amazing chorizo tacos and queso fundido

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