Stitch Fix – Review!

I have been reading about this for yearrrrrs now, but living abroad prevented me from trying this bad boy out – no more, my friends, no more!

The name: StitchFix

The game: gorgeous stylist-curated box of clothes tailored just for you

StitchFix is a service that provides you with individually designed and selected wardrobe items according to a comprehensive style profile. You pick a date for your box to arrive and complete the StitchFix style profile – this includes your size (which can vary according to your body type and the clothes), your shape, your height, your style (including picks from ensembles of clothes to make it easy to for your stylist to better understand what you like and don’t) and your budget (easily broken down by categories – how much you are willing to spend on shoes versus accessories versus dresses). When you order your box, you are charged a $20 stylist fee, which, if you decide to keep anything from you box, is credited towards anything you spend in that box.

My box arrived a couple of days before my birthday – full of all kinds of fun

There are five items in every box. You can try them all in the comfort of your own home. In the box, the personal stylist gives you tips and suggestions for how to wear your various pieces.


The price list is included in the box and if you decide to purchase all items, there is a 25% discount on your total spend.

Here is what came in my box:


  1. MIA Amari Scallop Trip Flats ($49)
  2. Liverpool Anita Skinny Pant ($78)
  3. 41Hawthorn Litton Split Neck Blouse ($54)
  4. Kensie Rebekah Stretch Crepe Blazer ($88)
  5. Gilli Trista Faux Wrap Jersey Dress ($68)

If all items were kept, the 25% discount would essentially mean that the most expensive item is free… which is a pretty decent deal. However, if you don’t like all of your items, you can pick and choose which to keep and which to send back. They give you a pre-paid envelope ready to go – all you have to do is log in to the website, select the items you want to send back, provide a short explanation as to what you didn’t like (for future stylings) and toss the clothes into the pre-paid bag… EASY.

Generally, I was pretty impressed. I loved the wrap dress… it is a style and print I would not have picked out for myself but ended up loving it once I tried it on. Same with the flats… they were gorgeous and different from anything I have.

The skinny pant was a little too legging-like so I decided not to hold onto it. The blouse was pretty but too similar to something else I already own. The one item I was really didn’t like was the crepe stretch blazer – the quality was less than desirable, the material seemed flimsy, the tag stated “Made in China”… it definitely wasn’t up to standard… and I let the StitchFix team know!

The great thing about this service is the ability to try something a bit different without all of the hassle of wandering around stores (or websites) aimlessly. The StitchFix team makes it so very easy to deal with shipping, returns, exchanges and feedback. Their customer service and ease of use were something special and although I didn’t keep every single piece, I definitely would give the whole thing another go.

If you want to give it a try, head to the website, fill out your style profile and wait for your big box of goodies to arrive! Enjoy!


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