January – A Few Faves

I meant to publish this a week ago but life got in the way, so here it is – better late than never…

I have decided to start a new type of post – a few of my favourite things – where every month, I set out some of my latest and greatest faves. For January – the saddest, coldest, most depressing month of the year – this includes lots of amazing things:

This post contains affiliate links – which means I have scoured the internet looking for the best bang for your buck on the products and sites which I love the very most – and yes, this means that I get a little something extra for my time, but it doesn’t cost you anything extra!

1. Kut from the Kloth jeans – these are super comfy, well made jeans. My latest fave style is the Diana:

Skinny, slightly distressed, high waist, button-detailed sides – love love love

2. Number two warrants two special techie faves: the Honey plugin and unroll.me.

Honey – Honey is this amazing plugin that you can add to your Google Chrome browser. When you go about your business of online shopping, Honey provides the added feature of scouring the internet for valid discount codes to apply to your online shopping cart. This plug in saves me 20-40% on purchases regularly, and almost always includes free shipping! The best thing is that it isn’t just for your standard online shopping – this can apply to hotels, airlines, travel sites, Amazon, any online retailer as well as websites like TripAdvisor or Priceline. A seriously incredible addition to your technological arsenal!

Unroll.me – you can sign up for this service either through their website or through downloading their handy smartphone app. By giving the website your email address, it can figure out how many different organizations have your email address on their mailing lists. It allows you to go through and either remove yourself from such mailing lists, compile certain senders onto a once-a-day email, or leave yourself on the senders’ mailing list. By doing this for my main email, I have been able to whittle my daily emails down to the ones that really matter (rather than having to deal with the constant barrage of unnecessary email).

3. With every new year, comes a new yearly planner – my favorite January thing (every year)! This year, I picked out this fabulous new planner from Bloom:


They have a simplified planner but this particular model is their “Vision” planner… featuring the following:


I am sooooo in LOVE with this format – gives me lots of space to scribble down all of my ideas, thoughts, things to think about or research…. I LOVE IT. It is all sold out from Bloom but it is available through other retailers (like Amazon).

4. Skin Laundry Facials – Skin Laundry is a chain of quick and easy facial treatments, providing deep cleansing and serious hydration. It is a laser and light therapy developed in Asia, brought to the US in 2013 and is now available at Skin Laundry centers around the world. The laser and light treatments are conducted by nurses and physician assistants, the facilities are clean and beautiful, and most importantly, I saw serious results after just one treatment. They also have a fantastic line of skincare products, which I am slowly trying out, little by little. For my London-based lovelies, there is a Skin Laundry in the Liberty department store on Regent Street… check it out! Other locations include NYC, California and Hong Kong. The biggest plus is that your first facial is FREE!

5. SoulCycle Spin Classes – While there is nothing new about SpinCycle, I am new to it… and I am hooked. The instructors are crazy good, the music is so motivating and there are even special offers for first time riders. Your first ride is $20 and there are discounted packages for those who want to keep the party going. Got a little class package from my main man for my birthday a couple weeks ago and that should keep me going for a while. It is a great supplement to the gym and is definitely an amazing experience. To my girls in DC, there are a couple SoulCycle locations… including in Bethesda. And to the rest of my squad scattered around the world… SoulCycle can only be found in the US (Chicago, Seattle, Austin, etc etc). If you want to check it out… click here

Have fun my little kumquats! Happy adventuring!


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