From 30 to 31

As you may recall, I turned 30 last year – a moment which started my year of excitement, adventure and embracing of all sorts of new experiences. I called it the 30 x 365 and I made it one of the most amazing, scary, exciting, terrifying, unpredictable years of my life – it was one hell of a ride.

Incidentally, I wandered down memory lane and had a read of my birthday posts from last year. There was the post about celebrating my thirtieth birthday – catch it here. But the real birthday post was this one which affirmed my desire to focus on all the wonderful experiences a year can bring. In reading that post, I came across the most fantastic line that fully represents how I thought this year was going to be and how it actually was:

“I have 365 wonderful days as a 30 year old and I am going to make it an amazing (within the framework of fiscal responsibility… more or less… relatively… kinda… I won’t quit my job, okay?).”


To all of my loyal readers, I apologize. I lied. I said I wouldn’t quit my job. And I wasn’t planning on leaving my job when I wrote that at the end of January 2016… but by the summer, things had changed. And I celebrated by last day as an employee of the firm on September 30th, packed my life into boxes and moved to New York City. Soooooooo, that wasn’t really on the books. Surprise! There will be a whole string of posts about job hunting, unemployment, moving job markets – they are in the works – but until then, know that I have a serious appreciation for the seemingly good/bad, weird, wonderful, unexpected and impulsive events that can turn life around in a split second. That is one of the many lessons that I learned this year and I cannot wait to see where 31 takes me.

From 30 to 31 – very different birthdays, in two different countries, with different people – equally amazing

This year’s birthday celebrations were not as champagne-fueled or sparkler-waving as last year’s but they were fantastic. First of all, my birthday was on a Friday and because I am still FUNemployed – I scheduled a haircut, a facial and a gym session to get myself all fresh and relaxed for the festivities.

But let’s start at the beginning… with froyo for breakfast and the latest episode of Scandal. If that isn’t pure joy, I don’t know what is.

Every day should start with froyo and Scandal.
The gifts kept piling up as the day went on…

I was spoiled rotten this year – a fondue set, an essential oil diffuser complete with a variety of essential oils, flowers, macaroons, rose-scented candle, Diptyque solid perfume, a Nordstrom gift card, emoji wine glasses and cards, cards, cards from near and far – it was glorious.

But the real icing on the cake (literally and figuratively) was when I got home from my hair appointment – I had a whole evening planned for me by my favorite guy.

We started out at this fab wine bar and restaurant in Midtown East called Cello Wine Bar – it was all candles, small plates and stiff drinks – the perfect combination. He had also scoped out the menu beforehand, making sure there was a truffle mac and cheese option on offer – he knows me so well. The food was fantastic and the drinks delicious. They also have live music every night but he had other plans…

Hot stuff and an old fashioned

After dinner we jumped in a cab and headed west – we pulled up outside of a hotel and take a side entrance elevator up to the Press Lounge. It was pretty busy, Friday night and all, but we managed to get a comfy couch by a fireplace and take in the dramatic views of Manhattan. It was a pretty touristy thing to do, but hey, I still feel like a tourist so I loved it.

After dinner drink with a view

When we got home, I was instructed to wait while cake and present preparations were made. He had picked up the most divine and delicious funfetti birthday cake from Momofuku Milk Bar Bakery in Midtown – I was in LOVE – it was both beautiful and so so so good – I probably ate 60% of the cake all by myself (within a few days). No regrets.

Amazingly delicious funfetti birthday cake – best cake I have ever had!

Then, just as the clock was about to strike twelve, I got to open my last birthday presents of the day… not only did I get the cake and the fun night out, but he wrangled up a package of SoulCycle classes (GAHHHH LOVE), a gift certificate for two massages at this lush spa in our neighborhood, and… he got me all signed up for TSA Pre-check, Global Entry and Nexus (the Canadian version of Global Entry) to make my life just a smidge easier when I travel. SWOON – he is so thoughtful AND practical.

The next day, as the birthday weekend continued, I insisted on going to birthday brunch (a requirement for any birthday week). Plus it was restaurant week in NYC so you know, we didn’t need much of an excuse. I booked us in to a fab little restaurant in the East Village called Root & Bone. The sole reason why I booked this particular gem was the promise of “Bonuts”… biscuit donuts – SOLD. The bonuts were incredible, served with some sweet cream cheese-esque dip – I would go back just for those bad boys.

No birthday would be complete without brunch

I had the biscuits and gravy with scrambled eggs and he had the farmer’s omelette with a side of mac and cheese. After the truffle mac the night before, I was hesitant to try his mac but it was fantastic! The biscuits and gravy were so delish but a bit too heavy on the gravy – didn’t stop us from eating them though.

And biscuits and gravy – delish!

That evening, after a couple much-needed hours in the gym, we went out with friends for a couple of drinks on the Upper East Side. It was such a fantastic birthday and the perfect ending to my 30 x 365 year of adventure. Can’t wait to see what is in store for 31!


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