What’s for Dinner – Part Two

For part two of my meal plan delivery services, I tried both Terra’s Kitchen and Green Chef. While these two are not as popular as the meal box delivery services featured on my previous blog post, there are so many new options on the market now that it is definitely worth giving them all a try.

Terra’s Kitchen – click here to try it!

Weekly price: It depends on your selection (add-ons, smoothies, snacks, extra meals)

Price of first box: $44.94 for three meals x 2 people (but this will fluctuate depending on your selections – the coupon is for $35 off your first box)

This was one of my favorite boxes Β – I will definitely be ordering from them again. You can order as many meals as you want (min. $62 order) and you can add all sorts of extras – tons of side salad options, lunch salads, juices, snacks, smoothies, extra sides, extra protein, etc. You can also search the meal options by vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, paleo – making meal choice a lot easier. But the best part of this box was that every meal is less than 30 minutes of prep/cook time, the produce was excellent AND it was pre-prepared so it was more an exercise in cooking and assembly rather than peeling, cubing, cutting, chopping and all that other nonsense.

Extra plus: the ingredients come in a space age mini fridge that you just have to peel off the shipping label and click a button on your account for it to be picked up once you unpack it.

Mini fridge
Pre-cubed butternut squash
Perfect portions
Recipes in the front of the spaceship
Everything perfectly stacked
Butternut Squash, Chicken and Blue Cheese Flatbreads – it was amazing
Beef Ragu with Spinach Parmesean Polenta – an interesting twist – would make this again but with ground turkey
Grilled chicken tacos with avocado goat cheese sauce – LOVED this sauce, will definitely be making it again

Green Chef – click here to try it!

Weekly price: $71.94

Price of first box: Four meals free so $26.98 for the first box of 3 meals x 2 people.

Green Chef is a similar concept to Hello Fresh – you don’t get to choose your actual meal but you can choose from vegan, paleo, vegetarian, omnivore, carnivore and gluten-free plans. The vegetarian option is the cheapest at $10.49 per serving, whereas the paleo option is 14.99 per serving. Omnivore and vegan are in the $11 per serving range. We went with omnivore and got the following recipes:

  • Vietnamese Chicken Bowl with rice noodles, snap peas and curry pesto
  • Southwestern Sole with black beans, corn, potatoes and chimichurri slaw
  • White Bean Patties with spinach-orange salad and veggie-studded couscous

Two of these options were gluten free and one was vegetarian. All of the products provided by Green Chef are organic and the quality is pretty impressive. I made the Vietnamese Chicken Bowl recipe (originally for two people) for four people total by just adding two extra chicken breasts to the recipe and adding a small bag of spinach leaves to the salad – all of the other ingredients were sufficient for four people to eat a large meal.

While you are unable to pick your actual meals on Green Chef, you are able to see what meals are in your plan several weeks ahead of time, allowing you to skip or change to another plan (vegan, vegetarian, etc.) if you don’t like the look of what is being prepared. They also include simple ingredients such as butter and eggs (all organic, of course). The recipes were excellent and I would definitely give Green Chef another go.

Similar style to most other boxes
Recipe cards
All of the sauces were pre-made, saving time!

I have a few more boxes on the radar that I will be trying over the coming weeks (especially as I start a new job)! Stay tuned for more updates and reviews and don’t forget to try them for yourself!

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