April Faves

Happy April! (umm, wait, when did this happen)

So in my weak attempt to provide you with some of my monthly faves, here are my picks for the first quarter of the year (yes, the last favorite things post was in January… apologies abound).

1. S’well Bottles – yes, these are all of the rage, but I jumped on the bandwagon when I received this gorgeous, London-Chimney (totes approp) matte black bottle in 17oz. for Christmas from my boyfriend’s fabulous sister.


These stunners are high-grade 18/8 stainless steel, they are BPA-free & toxin free and are triple-walled for super-di-duper insulation… which means cold drinks stay cold for 24 hours and hot drinks stay hot (not lukewarm) for 12 hours! I have even left ice cubes in mine overnight and the ice is still there in the morning. They are easy to wash (not in the dishwasher though) and are vacuum-sealed – no spills! The bottles don’t sweat either which is a major perk – you can just toss it in your bag without worrying about spillage or condensation.

Since I just started a new job (and refuse to spend $40 a week on my daily coffee fix), I recently picked up another one of these bottles! They are perfect for hot coffee so I can just fill it up, throw it in my bag and head to the office. Because I can fit ice cubes in the bottle, I can use it for ice coffee once the weather warms up!

Here’s the pretty, pretty one I picked out for work (in the 25oz. size – which btw can fit a bottle of wine… just sayin’):


2. The Daily Skimm – ever since last June (Brexit) and even more so since November (Trumpity Trump Trump), the news has been a constant source of worry and anxiety – I have de-activated all of my news alerts on my phone just to retain (some) sanity. The Daily Skimm has been a way to balance all of the crazy news out there – filtering out the most important stories and breaking down all of the issues. It is a once-a-day email newsletter… well-written, witty, concise – a super quick read in the morning gives me enough information to know about the state of the world without giving me heart palpitations. Check it out!

3. Frame it Easy – this is a sur measure custom framing service that I LOVE. I ordered 7 prints for the walls of our apartment and paid just under $300… which is cheaper than chips compared to most framing outlets. You can pick the size, type, color, style of the frame as well as the matting (color, double vs single, size). They will even print your picture for you, if you want, otherwise you can just order the custom frame! I was super impressed by the quality, speed and delivery of the framed pictures. Their customer support team was friendly and fantastic and although their website is pretty basic, it works well and gets the job done. I will definitely be using them again. Use the code APR17 for a 10% discount this month!


From our adventures – Rome, Costa Rica, Venice, Edinburgh

Happy springtime my little kumquats!


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