Fiscal Responsibility – The Enemy of Fun?

Money matters, amiright? While we all like to pretend that love, following your dreams and living your best life are the most important things – don’t get me wrong, they are important – but money can be a fundamental help (or hindrance) to successful achievement of those fabulous goals.

Just a typical Tuesday… #swangoals

Which is why we are going to face these scary money demons together! Starting now, I will be working my way through lots and lots of basic,  intermediate and advanced finance tips, tricks, traps and topics to get you, me, us all on the path to financial bliss.

But first… let’s talk about me…

Spending money is fun. I like fun. Let’s be fun together. I will pay that bill next week, once I get paid.” (said while booking plane tickets to an exotic location)

That was me… one year ago. Corporate lawyer living a fabulous, large life but still using my overdraft, living paycheck to paycheck, with about $20k of student debt from my undergraduate degree and law school and about $30k of credit card debt (also from undergrad, law school, living in Europe for a decade etc etc – don’t judge, we are all in this together now).

Enter – stage right – Jaws theme


(aka The Enemy of Fun) (aka my boyfriend)

Enemy of Fun vs. Fun – the battle begins…

After several months of dating, a couple of off-hand comments about my finances and greater insight into his expertise… I finally came clean – owning up to my seemingly insurmountable pile of debt. After the initial shock (and more than a few raised eyebrows – all his), he walked me through the initial steps (1. Admit you have a problem… etc etc) – and lucky for you, you lucky ducks – I will pass along all of the wonderful wisdom bestowed upon me.

The face he makes when talking about fiscal responsibility, particularly mine,… and my reaction

You may be wondering why he isn’t writing these blogs … and I will tell you. I say this in the most loving way possible – he is a robot and his advice would be “meep meep moop, computer says no, computer says yes, [complex algorithm explaining more complex nonsense] problem solved” so I shall translate robot to fun human (emphasis on fun) and give you all of the secrets myself.

RUN! here comes the Enemy of Fun (Segway for emphasis of his robotic nature)

It is worth noting that even he refers to himself as the Enemy of Fun, primarily due to his unyielding devotion to fiscal responsibility… so much so that when asked to describe his lifestyle (before I brought the fun), he responds “restrained, conservative, characterized by deferred gratification, disinterested in consumption“… told you… Enemy of Fun.

Now, as you all know, I (obviously) don’t live like that – not my style (I am still being fun and booking plane tickets to exotic locations – can’t stop won’t stop). What I did want, however, was to get rid of all of my debt and start working towards my financial happiness, security and ultimately, freedom.

So join me, friends, in this adventure – as we tackle all of the big scary financial topics together – without fear, without avoidance, without shame. If you have any questions or have a specific topic request, let me know (click here)!

Sincerely yours in harmonious fun and fiscal responsibility,









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