May Faves – Get ready for summer!

With Memorial Day weekend only a couple days away, it’s almost here, my little kumquats, SUMMER. If you were in NYC late last week, you would enjoyed/suffered through a three day heat wave (mid/upper 90s) which left the city sweltering. It was a welcome preview of months of basking in the sunshine, drinking on rooftops and dining al fresco – three of my most favorite things. In celebratory anticipation of the glorious summer season, here are some of my favorite things to get you all prepped for the summer fun.

This post contains affiliate links – which means I have scoured the internet looking for the best bang for your buck on the products and sites which I love the very most – and yes, this means that I get a little something extra for my time, but it doesn’t cost you anything extra!

Pool Floats

Nothing new about these bad boys – it doesn’t mean they can’t be a vital part of my favorite summery things. Timeless white swan, evil counterpart black swan, sparkly rose gold swan, majestic rainbow unicorn, neon pink or rose gold flamingo, pizza slices that can be combined into a whole pie, colorful donuts, watermelon slices AND even little mini inflatables to house your favorite summer drink – yes, my frosé needs its own swan floaty, thank you very much.

Are you worried you don’t have a pool? No fretting allowed, it’s summertime! Take your floaties to the beach, the lake, your local pool, a hotel pool, that big puddle down the street… if anything, it’s a great way to make friends (or rather frenemies… cause they are going to be hella jeal – with good reason).

When it comes to buying the right float– click through the links above – it will take you to Amazon (I have linked to the best quality/price out there) – you are very welcome! Other specialized inflatable websites tend to be way overpriced (you should not be paying hundreds of dollars for something plastic you fill with air). Also – do remember to pick up a pump or get one with an easy inflation mechanism or you may spend your entire summer inflating that unicorn.

Frosé and White Girl Rosé

Oh my word, if you haven’t jumped on the frosé (frozen rosé) bandwagon… take my hand and climb aboard. Welcome to the wonderful world of wine slushies. Fine establishments all over NYC (and other hip and happening cities) have started serving this glorious nectar of the gods but if you aren’t in any of those places (or you prefer to drink at home – no judgment, sunshine), here is an AMAZING recipe for watermelon frosé. One of my most favorite flavor combinations is watermelon and basil, so I will automatically be replacing the mint in this recipe with basil… a watermelon basil frosé – delicious, divine and deadly – let’s do it – down the rabbit hole together.

Can we take a minute to reminisce about how I literally bought a blender in the summer of 2009 for the sole purpose of making (what I so aptly called at the time) alcoholic smoothies? My Paris girls know exactly what I am talking about – we spent that summer blending frozen mango and Absolute Mango or Absolut Vanilla, frozen berries and Smirnoff Raspberry… ahhh, it was such a great summer. Very high in vitamins… anyways, I digress.

If you are looking for a more classic frosé – try this recipe here, which is based on the Bar Primi recipe (rosé, vermouth, strawberries).

There is also the Bon Appetite recipe which can also be prepped in advance (so you could technically stock your whole freezer for the entire summer… a new level of “food prep”).

Also on my faves list this month is White Girl Rosé – I was expecting this ridiculously/appropriately-named rosé to be a whole lotta hype. The marketing is on point; the bottle’s design is simple and beautiful… I was waiting for a fall – pop that cork (that says Yaaaasss and Basic) only to be disappointed with a watered down, disgustingly bitter, flavorless bottle of barf. BUT NO! It was fantastic! Were my expectations too low? Maybe – but I will be giving this another try in the (very) near future. They also make Babe Rosé with bubbles – it comes in cans… perfect for lounging on a pool floaty!

Oh – and if you happen to be in the Big Apple the weekend of June 24th and 25th, you should get tickets to Pinknic – a rose festival on Governors Island. Details here – and yes, I have tickets… and yes, I have several “summer chic in pink” outfits to comply with the dress code… and yes, I will post all about it. There are still some tickets left so grab them before they are all gone!


BB Cream with SPF

Just because summer fun is ON, doesn’t mean you get to neglect your pretty little skin. Y’all better be slapping on that serious SPF – don’t care how Mediterranean your genes are. I will be the first one out the door at lunchtime to take in as much Vitamin D and sunshine as possible but not without SPF. Make sure your summer beauty routine contains a daily SPF – whether it is a moisturizer or a tinted BB cream (great replacement for foundation). Some of my faves are:

Almost every makeup line has some sort of BB cream/tinted moisturizer with SPF – Dr. Brandt, Bobbi Brown, Garnier, Lancôme, NARS, Elf, etc., etc.). If you have a favorite, let me know!

Garnier Sunkissed Summer Lotion

I know what you’re thinking… I WANNA BE TAAAAAAAAN. Same, girl… same. But tisk tisk – no tanning beds and you should still be all SPF’ed up all summer long. You’ll still get some color slowly but surely, but if you want to accelerate the process, pick up a bottle of my fave lotion – Garnier Summer Body Lotion – it comes in a Light and Dark Sun-Kissed Look. This is not your typical self-tanning lotion… it only has a little self-tan in it, so just lotion up as usual. Keeps my legs all tan and me all happy – all summer long! For you lovelies based in the UK – you can find it at Boots or Superdrug. For my American honeys – you have to order online… it has to be imported! I had one of my besties and his hubs pack mule me a couple bottles on their recent trans-Atlantic journey (love youuuuu guys).

Get ready, chickadees, summer is imminent – let’s make it the best one ever!

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