Finding Your Side Hustle

There is one thing that we didn’t discuss that is relevant to figuring out if you are being fairly compensated – if you love your job and you don’t mind being under paid (or rather, your compensation comes in the form of other benefits that you prefer to prioritize over cash) – that is totally fine too… as long as you are living within your means. But, if you have expensive tastes (guilty) or mountains of debt in the form of student loans or high interest credit card debt (guilty again) or you want to start saving more money (guilty x 3)… are there other ways you could supplement your income in the interest of achieving your financial goals? Yes! Lucky for you, I am an expert side-hustler.

This post contains affiliate links – which means I have scoured the internet looking for the best bang for your buck on the products and sites which I love the very most – and yes, this means that I get a little something extra for my time, but it doesn’t cost you anything extra!


I did this for YEARS – for most of my undergraduate degree (and for a few years after), I tutored and taught my way around Paris. You name it, I taught it – GMAT, LSAT, SAT, TOEFL, ACT, Subject Tests, high school subjects, English, French – I also provided in-depth support, consultation and administrative services for families wishing to send their children to American, English or Canadian universities. I worked with hundreds of students – getting them admitted to Ivy Leagues, Cambridge, Oxford, McGill, etc. I managed my own hours and my hourly rate – it was perfection, especially as a student!

If you aren’t down with private tutoring or teaching, there is no shortage of freelancing opportunities out there. Translation, virtual assistant tasks, editing, copywriting, marketing, sales, legal work, document review, transcription… the list goes on and on. Here are a variety of websites featuring the wide world of freelancing possibilities – Upwork and PeoplePerHour are my favorites.

Part-time work

In a similar vein, finding temporary or part-time work is always an option – plus, the great thing about our modern times is that there is an ample amount of remote working possibilities as well! Start looking for jobs at Snagajob – they are a great place to start when looking for part-time work.

I have had so many part-time jobs in the last few years… some of which were more glamourous than others. I was a barista in the cute little town where I grew up. I was a waitress at a movie theater restaurant. I was a receptionist at an amazing yoga studio in college. I was a nanny for a family in Paris. I was a test preparation teacher (employed at a company rather than off on my own – four different companies in three different countries). I was a newsletter translator for a refugee rights organization. I was a front desk coordinator / office wonder at Fat Tire Bike Tours in Paris. I was an evening paralegal in London. All of these were part-time/temporary gigs that allowed me to achieve financial goals (living expenses while studying, travel expenses, funding law school, paying for my first wedding, you get the picture…). Part-time jobs can be short or long term – my longest one was three years long (teaching English and test preparation in Paris) and the shortest one six month (the summer busy season in Paris at Fat Tire in 2012 – one of the best summers and jobs of my life).

Sell your old stuff

I love, love, love getting rid of old stuff that I don’t use or wear anymore – if it was expensive and in good condition, I sell it! I made over $2000 on eBay in London, retiring older pieces of my work wardrobe.

One of my favorite sites here in the States is ThredUP – they will send you a giant pre-paid envelope and you can send them clothes that are clean and in good condition. You receive an offer for your clothes for their upfront value and you will receive a separate offer for clothes they will attempt to sell on consignment for you. I made over $100 for 9 items (which would have eventually made their way to Goodwill or some other clothes drive). Yes, this service comes at a cost – $9.99 Shipping & Handling Fee – and they obviously make a profit by re-selling your clothes on their site.

If you have super pricey, designer garb that you want to sell – try MaterialWorld. They are pickier about the items they will purchase but they give you an instant quote online!

If you want to do the selling yourself, try eBay or Poshmark – which can be done via website or their handy app. But you have to take all the pictures and do all the legwork. I have tried to sell things on Poshmark but haven’t had much luck.

Start your own business

This option is slightly more ambitious but the return can be great. Okay, slightly more ambitious is the understatement of the century. But if you have an idea or a project that you feel really passionate about, why not take the time to build it, market it, brand it, create it, sell it?

I haven’t started my own business (officially… yet…) but my little sister did and it is pretty incredible. She has been working on this baby for a year now and it has taken off – she puts so much time and energy into Nightingale Express and I couldn’t be more proud of her (and frankly, so impressed by her dedication, smarts and motivation). If you have a nurse  (or nursing student) in your life… show them a little love through the self-care, beautifully-curated gift boxes over at Nightingale Express… you won’t be disappointed!


But if all of those sound like too much work (you don’t have the time or the energy), then we may have to address the other option… (slasher music) – cutting down your expenses and cost of living to where they are well within your means (gasp!). Stay posted, my little kumquats – we will find a way!

Sincerely yours in harmonious fun and fiscal responsibility,


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