Cottage Country – Georgian Bay Weekend

I am one lucky lady – I have had three amazingly awesome weekends IN A ROW – first, NYC fun and Pinknic with one of my besties, then the long Fourth of July weekend adventure with the Enemy of Fun and finally, a beautifully lush weekend with the Enemy of Fun’s super fun family up on Georgian Bay.

With this past weekend being a short (i.e., normal) weekend, we had arranged to fly out of NYC on Friday night and fly back from Toronto on Monday morning. Unfortunately, luck was not on our side and neither was the weather. Our flight Friday night was delayed, delayed, delayed then cancelled. We rebooked for bright and early (rather, before dawn) the next morning and went home to sleep for a couple short hours.

We finally made it to Toronto on Saturday morning, got the rental car, acquired the world’s largest latte from the airport Starbucks and met up with the Enemy of Fun’s bestie (who was in town from Hong Kong and joined us for the family cottage weekend)! And when I say bestie, I don’t mean they met recently and became fast friends… I mean best friends since they were little kids – 27 years of being friends (oh the stories!).

The morning was spent driving from Toronto to Georgian Bay (complete with a stop at Tim Hortons for a double-double coffee (2x milk, 2x sugar)). As for Georgian Bay, you may have to Google it, I had to (it is north of Toronto, FYI). And for those who don’t know (I didn’t), Georgian Bay is on Lake Huron. Having grown up on one of the Great Lakes, I am no stranger to cabins up north or cottage country, but this was particularly stunning, and remote. No cell service (for me), no internet – completely disconnected. It was glorious!

The family cottages (of which there are 3+) are on a beautiful part of the Bay. Two of them are located on their own islands and the third is on the main land. We stayed on what I am going to call the island compound – a series of cottages on an island – with the Enemy of Fun’s twin (who definitely got all the fun), her husband, their three fabulous little girls and the bestie. We only spent one night at the cottage (complete with three games of competitive Clue) but we got two full days, which was perfect. The proof, as always, is in the pictures.

It was such a fantastic weekend and despite the early morning flights on Saturday and Monday, I was so happy we went! We will be heading back to Toronto in August for a little longer and I am already looking forward to it!

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