DC Daze – Part One

I spent the last two weekends in DC with some of my bestest friends in the whole world – how they all ended up in DC still baffles me but I am so happy to be close to them once again. My first weekend in DC was all about the babes – I got to celebrate this little nugget’s first birthday and I was completely over the moon.

When making the call to move back to the US, one of the factors was that my friends were starting to have babies and I wanted to be close enough to share in those big life events with them. So being able to hop on a train and make it down to DC for baby weekend was a wonderful, wonderful thing.

Most of the weekend was spent catching up with my besties, their families, their friends and their babes – such an fantastic weekend with the girls I met in Paris a decade ago.

This little nugget turned ONE!
She had a fabulous party, lots of presents and got to wear a tutu…. sooooo best day ever.
First birthday decorations
Cake for a pretty princess
Just two of the aunties snapping it up

Another major perk of baby weekend was getting to see the newest member of our Paris squad – this little four week old snugglebug! He (and his parents) are settling into their lives together as a family of three and I couldn’t be happier for them.

The newest member of our crew – such a snuggle bug.

It feels like such a privilege to be a part of these huge life moments – new jobs, engagements, weddings, first houses, babies, trans-Atlantic or trans-Pacific moves, promotions and all sorts of other great adventures. Luckily, we will all technically be living in the same country by the end of this year (gotta get our girl back from down under!) so I plan on seeing these chickadees and their growing families as much as humanly possible.

Ladies – here is to another ten years of crazy adventure… we may not always be in the same city but I would go to the ends of the earth for you all.

The last time we were all in the same place at the same time – November 2014 – so much love for these girls. Can’t wait for our next reunion – wherever that may be.

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