Who am I? Well aren’t you so sweet to ask about little ‘ole me!

Globetrotting British-American thirty-ish former corporate lawyer-turned-TBD is the short, overly hyphenated answer.

I grew up in small-town Wisconsin (cheeeeeeeeeese), moved to the south of France for a year at 16, then back to the Midwest before heading to Washington DC for a couple years.

At 20, I moved to Paris where I finished my undergraduate degree in international politics and fell (deeper) in love with Europe.

In September 2012, I exchanged cheese, baguettes and wine for afternoon tea and fish and chips, oh… and gin.

And in a startling (to me and everyone else) turn of events, I left my BigLaw attorney job in London in October 2016 and moved to New York City and started working in finance… and blogging like it’s my job.

What happens next? Stay tuned, it should be an interesting ride.


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